Annual Maintenance

We offer Annual Preventative Maintenance agreements where we come out twice a year. We come out once in the spring and check the air conditioning and all components and then we come out once in the fall and check the heating and all components. This includes enough filters for a year and also includes 10% off any additional work we have to do. Call us today to get you setup on one of these or if you have any additional questions. 325-672-2541


Air Conditioning Checklist
Heating Checklist

Compressor Amps/Voltage
Indoor Clean

Indoor Temperature Differential

Suction/Discharge PSIG
Blower Wheel Balanced

Air Filter
Blower Motor Amps/Voltage

Bearing Condition

Electrical Connections
Belt Condition

Air Filter

Inspect for Refrigerant Leaks
Defrost Cycle (Heat Pumps

Wash Condenser Coil
Emergency Heat Operation

Condenser Fan Motor Amps/Voltage
Furnace Flue

Indoor Temperature Differential
Furnace Burners

Blower Wheel Balanced
Inspect Heat Exchanges

Blower Motor Amps/Voltage
Check operation of all limits

Belt Condition
Manifold Pressure

Condensate Drain Pan
Pilot & Pilot Assembly

Run & Start Capacitors

Condensate Drain
Heat Anticipator

For Carbon Monoxide