Welcome to Hall Air Conditioning

Top-Rated HVAC Contractor in Abilene, TX

We are proud to provide heater installation, heater repair, heater replacement, air conditioning repair, and heat pump repair to the Abilene, TX area!

Welcome to Hall Air Conditioning

Top-Rated HVAC Contractor in Abilene, TX

We are proud to provide heater installation, heater repair, heater replacement, air conditioning repair, and heat pump repair to the Abilene, TX area!

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Affordable Abilene, TX HVAC Services

We provide diverse discount and financing options to make Abilene, TX, HVAC services more affordable and cost-effective for the average home or business owner. Our team consists of locals like you who work hard to support their families. By choosing us, you’ll enjoy dependable services that won’t break your budget.

If you fall into the following categories, you’ll receive a percent discount on our services:

  • Military members 
  • Senior citizens
  • Clients who purchased our service agreements

You may also qualify for one of our financing or payment options. Prioritize your comfort without sweating the costs.  

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Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning in Abilene, TX, is of utmost importance. When temperatures soar into the mid-90s, you need an AC system that works reliably. Sometimes, it starts making strange noises, emitting off-putting smells, or producing lukewarm air that just doesn’t cut it.

Plus, a problematic air conditioner negatively impacts your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll pay more in energy bills without the perks of perfect comfort. An unreliable air conditioner can also affect the air your family breathes. 

Since your HVAC system influences everyone’s health, you can’t afford to let minor problems stagnate or worsen. Call us to schedule a free service estimate. Our team will diagnose and solve the problem with maintenance, repairs, or replacement services. 

Heating Services

Our team has extensive experience with various heating systems like heat pumps and furnaces. So when temperatures in Abilene, TX, dip into the bone-chilling 30s, you can count on us to find an expert solution for your unique HVAC system. Your heating system may show signs of disrepair, including leaks, faulty pilot lights, or weak air circulation.

You might struggle to light your furnace or stay warm even after turning the heat settings up. Sometimes, seemingly small problems can indicate a more significant issue on the horizon. The longer a complication goes without professional service, the more destructive and expensive it can become. 

You might have a serious problem with the electrical supply lines or a small one like a dirty filter. Either way, we can find a sure-fire fix that ends your heating woes. If you experience these scenarios, call our top-notch HVAC contractor in Abilene, TX, for prompt services. 

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Indoor Air Quality Services

Your home’s air quality can make or break your family’s health. Influences like mold, mildew, and excess moisture degrade a building’s air quality. Bad air quality can cause or exacerbate respiratory health problems. 

You might notice otherwise unexplained symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Red or watery eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Congestion 
  • Coughing

You might also notice more dust collecting on surfaces, foul odors, and moisture. Numerous factors can cause poor air quality. 

However, you need a professional contractor to find and eradicate the source of the problem. We’ll test your air quality for common indoor pollutants. Then, we’ll find the best solution for your home or business. 

Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial properties often have different HVAC requirements from residential properties. The average residential property has a smaller, less complicated system that regulates a few small rooms. Your commercial building, however, requires a more powerful and complex system to keep it comfortable for staff members and customers. 

Thus, your business’s HVAC system has requirements that differ from a house’s system. So when your business’s heating or air falls into disrepair, you need a service provider that understands its inner workings. At Hall Air Conditioning, our experienced technicians have the unique skills and equipment necessary to service and repair your commercial HVAC systems. 

We can access the system cabinet to diagnose and develop a solution that gets your HVAC system back up and running. If your commercial HVAC system needs a simple adjustment, an upgrade, or a part replacement, you can trust our team to deliver excellent service that matches your standards. 

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Certified Attic Insulation Contractors

A breeze blowing through your home means you’ve got a problem, unless you have the windows open. If you’re tired of living in a drafty home, contact Hall Air Conditioning now. As a certified insulation contractor, we know a thing or two about insulating attics. Our talented crew can put a stop to cold breezes, so your family can stay comfortable year-round.

Visit the Attic Insulation page now to learn more about our services in the Abilene, TX area. 

HVAC Repair & Service Discounts

Are you constantly clipping coupons? Do you go straight to the sale section of stores? If you’re looking to save money wherever you can, rely on Hall Air Conditioning to handle your HVAC needs. We’re an affordable HVAC and insulation contractor in the Abilene, TX area. We offer heater replacement, HVAC repair, air conditioning replacement and maintenance, heat pump repair, and other services.

We offer a 10% discount for the following individuals:
  • Senior citizens
  • Military members
  • Clients who have signed service agreements receive a 20% discount!
For more information about these discounts, call us today. Our skilled crew is always available to answer your questions. Ask us about our emergency HVAC service! *These discounts only apply to service or repairs*

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10% Discount for Senior Citizens, Military Members

Clients who have signed service agreements receive a 20% discount!
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Contact us to schedule our reliable heating and cooling services.

Your HVAC system keeps you and your family comfortable year-round. So when it breaks down, you need a professional HVAC contractor in Abilene, TX, to promptly handle the problem. At Hall Air Conditioning, we’ve served the local community since 1964 with affordable, comprehensive HVAC services. 

Whether you need installation or routine maintenance services, our team has your back. We make your comfort accessible and economical. Choose us for reliable services from skilled technicians who put your needs first.   

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