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Dependable Air Conditioning in Abilene, TX

Call us at (325) 672-2541 to preserve your comfort with our trustworthy air conditioning in Abilene, TX.  As a busy homeowner, you have plenty of pressing matters to handle throughout your week. If you include a broken or run-down air conditioner among them, you and your family will navigate intense discomfort until you find a conveniently located repair service. Since temperatures in Abilene, TX, can reach the mid and upper-90s, trust our skilled technicians at Hall Air Conditioning for prompt repair and installation services. 

(325) 672-2541

Abilene, TX, Air Conditioning Installment and Replacement

Reliable Abilene, TX, air conditioning is a must. As your AC ages, it becomes less dependable, and you’ll find yourself scheduling more frequent repairs that eat up your monthly budget. When you add bad air quality or growing seasonal energy costs into the equation, you’ll discover that our installation and replacement services are more cost-effective.  



Constructing a new home requires attention to detail. Leave the details of the air conditioner installation to us. We’ll help you choose an AC unit that fits your home’s measurements and your budget.



Most air conditioners only last 20 years or less. We can replace your outdated air conditioner with a more efficient mini-split system or another model that meets your comfort needs.

Prompt AC Repairs in Abilene, TX

AC repairs range from restoring malfunctioning condenser units to cleaning clogged coils. No matter the size of your AC repairs, we can easily tackle them. Many repairs require minimal solutions, but they help prevent bigger, more expensive problems from developing. 

For example, your air conditioning in Abilene, TX, might fail to keep the air cool, crisp, and refreshing. This often occurs due to a refrigerant problem where it struggles to transfer heat out of the system. We’ll top off your refrigerant and investigate the problem further to find the best solution. 

Contact us to learn more about our repair services, such as:

  • Air handler services
  • Refrigerant leak repair
  • Evaporator coil services  

Extensive AC Maintenance and Tune-Up Services in Abilene TX

AC maintenance in Abilene, TX, is integral to your air conditioner’s longevity. Tune-up plans keep the cool air flowing while helping you avoid common issues associated with wear and tear. 

Our services include:


Numerous repair issues begin with a small but preventable maintenance deficiency. Our team can troubleshoot, calibrate, and perform minor repairs during a regular maintenance service.


All AC systems need at least one regular tune-up service each year. Our flexible plans enable us to visit your home as scheduled. During these appointments, we’ll replace your filters and ensure all systems work perfectly before the hot weather comes.

Let Us Protect Your Air Conditioning in Abilene, TX

Make your air conditioning in Abilene, TX, rise to the occasion when you need refreshing comfort during the intense summer heat. Choose our skilled technicians for affordable, prompt services and outstanding customer service.
Dial (325) 672-2541 to reach our expert team of technicians at Hall Air Conditioning. 
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