AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Prevent Repairs With Quality AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups in Abilene, TX

Keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape by calling Hall Air Conditioning at (325) 672-2541 for AC maintenance and tune-ups in Abilene, TX. 

At Hall Air Conditioning, we specialize in helping your air conditioner perform at optimal rates. With regular servicing from an expert HVAC technician from our team, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your AC will blast cool air all summer long. 

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Why Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Every AC system requires consistent servicing to continue operating correctly. You don’t want to wake up mid-summer to a hot house because of an avoidable issue. Regular AC maintenance prevents costly repairs and allows your system to operate at the most efficient rates possible.

The primary benefits you can enjoy with our AC maintenance services include the following:

  • Lower repair costs
  • Better system longevity
  • Reduced energy bill costs 
  • Improved whole-home cooling
  • Better peace of mind

Complete Inspections for Optimal Outage Prevention

Our AC maintenance and tune-ups in Abilene, TX, begin with a comprehensive inspection so we can examine your unit’s performance rates and locate any potential issues that require repairs. By diagnosing and resolving problems early on, we can prevent total outages down the line. Our comprehensive inspection covers the following items:

  • Condenser coil(s)
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Drain openings 
  • Fan motors
  • AC belts
  • Fan blades
  • Safety controls
  • Cooling cycles
  • Drain lines
  • Capacitors, relays, circuit boards, and all electrical connections
  • Blower components
  • Air filters
  • Volts and amps
  • Thermostat controls
  • Starting cycles

We run extensive tests on all the above items to ensure that every component within your system works as it should. If we find any issues, we will recommend the associated repairs. 

We provide calibrations with many of the above items during the inspection to keep items in check. For example, we will tighten all electrical components, clean the thermostat, and adjust the blower components as we see fit. 

Our Comprehensive AC Tune-Up Process

After inspecting all items, we provide maintenance work on a few critical components that require regular servicing. Our comprehensive tune-up services include the following:

Air filter maintenance

You must clean or replace your air filters every few months to allow for ideal air flow to and from your unit. Improper air flow can cause the system to freeze up. We will clean or replace all filters during your appointment.

Condenser coil maintenance

The condenser coil can also collect debris and dirt, causing the system to overheat. We will examine and clean the component to ensure that your system continues operating correctly.

Drain line cleaning

Drain lines often become clogged, which can lead to cracks and leaks. Our team can detect clogs and remove them, preventing costly problems in the future.

We recommend regular servicing every six months to ensure that your AC continues performing correctly, though you should replace your air filters every one to three months. 

Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment Today

Prevent costly outages by calling Hall Air Conditioning at (325) 672-2541 to schedule AC maintenance and tune-ups in Abilene, TX, with our expert team. 

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