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Discover the Best Evaporator Coil Services in Abilene, TX

The best evaporator coil services in Abilene, TX, are possible by calling Hall Air Conditioning at (325) 672-2541

Abilene, TX, summers can be unbearable, requiring your air conditioner to expertly cool your home during these hot months. AC units consist of many parts, with an evaporator coil being one of the most important components. 

Problems like leaks or dirty coils can compromise your entire AC system, leaving you and your family sweaty and uncomfortable.  For over 50 years, our Hall Air Conditioning crew has provided hassle-free HVAC services to Abilene, TX, residents. We can inspect your AC unit and recommend the correct repair solutions, like replacing your evaporator coils. 

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Signs Indicating You Need Our Evaporator Coil Services

Your evaporator coil handles cooling and condensing air by using refrigerant. 

As hot, humid air from the outside world passes through your AC unit or air handler, your evaporator coil extracts this moisture. This moisture falls into your air conditioner’s tray instead of spreading throughout your home.

Damaged or dirty evaporator coils mean your air conditioner can’t properly do its job. 

Issues can range from higher energy bills to fluctuating temperatures to your HVAC system not producing any cold air. Other signs indicating you need our evaporator coil services in Abilene, TX, include:

  • Your air conditioner produces loud sounds. 
  • You can feel warm or lukewarm air coming from your air vents. 
  • Your home has high humidity levels. 
  • Your air conditioner continues turning on and off without changing temperatures. 
  • You see leaks or wet spots around your blower unit. 

Our Evaporator Coil Repair and Replacement Service

At Hall Air Conditioning, our dedicated contractors strive to provide the best options for businesses and homeowners. When possible, we recommend repairs over replacements. 

Sometimes, your air conditioner’s evaporator coils just need a thorough cleaning. Other times a total replacement is necessary, and our crew always provides a free estimate before recommending a repair or replacement. 

Reasons to Call Our Professional Crew

Whether you’re dealing with frozen evaporator coils or major leaks, our Hall Air Conditioning team is just one call away to provide next-level HVAC services. 

We Bring Decades of Experience

First established in 1964, our company has served the Abilene, TX, community for decades. Numerous times, we've encountered problems ranging from minor fixes to significant repairs.

We Provide Regular Maintenance

Life gets busy, and even the most diligent homeowner can overlook air conditioner problems. Our regular HVAC maintenance service can prevent damaged evaporator coils.

We Have Financing Options Available

No homeowner or business should be without cold air—especially during those muggy summer months. Our financing options can help you replace your evaporator coils without breaking the bank.

For Professional Evaporator Coil Services, Call Our Crew Today

When you need evaporator coil services in Abilene, TX, our team is eager to assist. We proudly serve the community by providing expert services to businesses and homeowners. 

Abilene, TX, residents can get a stress-free evaporator coil repair or replacement by calling our Hall Air Conditioning team at (325) 672-2541
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