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Your air ducts are an essential part of your Abilene heating and cooling system. Leaky ducts or similar issues can prevent cool air from reaching the rest of your home, even if you leave your air conditioner running for the whole day. 

Our Hall Air Conditioning company can improve your indoor air quality by eliminating common air duct problems. We can recommend our repair or replacement services. 

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Our Air Duct Replacement or Repair Services

Your insulated duct tubes transport hot or cool air throughout your home. These flexible tubes can take on many shapes depending on your property’s structure. 

Details like hooks, elbows, collars, and crimps mean our team doesn’t recommend DIY solutions. Homeowners attempting DIY solutions can cause more damage. Common signs indicating you need a new air duct repair or replacement are: 

  • You’re experiencing uneven temperatures or airflow throughout your home.
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing.
  • Your HVAC systems are too loud—this can indicate improperly sized air ducts. 
  • You’re smelling strange odors or suscept mold growth. 
  • Your home or business has excessive dust. 
  • You or your family members are dealing with health problems like difficulty breathing, allergies, or dry skin. 

Will I Need to Replace or Repair My Air Ducts?

Our ductwork repair and replacement in Abilene, TX, start with inspecting your air duct set-up. Issues can range from minor leaks to excessive dirt build-up, poorly installed air ducts, and more. 

For issues like leaks or cracks, duct sealing might be enough to eliminate the problem, but sometimes it’s better to replace certain sections. Situations that call for entirely replacing your insulated ducts include: 

  • Improperly sized air ducts: Air ducts that are too small result in inadequate airflow, causing your HVAC systems to work harder. 
  • Improperly installed or repaired air ducts: Lousy air duct installations are often the result of DIY projects or hiring unlicensed contractors. Sometimes our team can fix certain mistakes, but some issues require a total replacement. 
  • Your air ducts are ten years or older: Factors like regular maintenance and air duct quality influence how long your set-up lasts. Most air duct systems last between ten to 15 years, and replacing your air ducts makes more sense than repairs. 

Reasons to Trust Our Professional Crew

Abilene, TX, businesses and homeowners trust our team for these reasons:

We have over 50 years of HVAC experience.

We provide financing options, making our services more affordable.

We can provide emergency repairs or replacements.

We back every service with a free estimate and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers for Comfortable Breathing

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of indoor air quality services in Abilene, TX. Our quality humidifiers can alleviate dryness in your home during the winter and mimic warmth, allowing you to turn your thermometer down and save on energy bills. Conversely, our whole-home dehumidifiers work excellently during sweltering Texas summers when you need to enjoy cooler air without constantly cranking up your AC.

Air Filtration Systems to Remove Contaminants

The air you breathe at home every day affects your health, hygiene, and comfort. Our advanced air filtration systems remove contaminants and keep them out, so you can enjoy constantly cycled fresh air. We first provide an air quality test to measure your current contaminant and carbon monoxide levels so we can determine the best filtration system for your needs.

Smart Home Thermostat Installations

Smart thermostats provide ultimate control over your home’s comfort. You can connect the device to Wi-Fi, then pre-program your temperatures, adjust settings from your smartphone, view energy reports, manage air quality levels, and much more. Our smart home thermostat installations provide ideal convenience and energy savings.

For the Best Results, Call Our Team Today

Your ductwork repair and replacement in Abilene, TX, start by working with our professional crew. Our licensed and insured professionals can handle everything from sealing minor leaks to completely replacing your air ducts. 

Abilene, TX, homeowners can call our Hall Air Conditioning team at (325) 672-2541 to learn more about our expert services!

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