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Your HVAC system protects homes more than most people realize. You already know that it helps your family stay comfortable regardless of the frigid temperatures outdoors. But it also prevents your home’s plumbing from sustaining damage from frozen pipes.  When your heating system stops working or malfunctions constantly, schedule our repair and installation services for comprehensive solutions. At Hall Air Conditioning, our team has extensive experience with various heating systems, including heat pumps and furnaces. 

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Heater Installation and Replacement

Like an air conditioner, a heater’s average lifespan lasts around 20 years. As your system ages, multiple components stop functioning the way they should, leading to constant, expensive repairs. When this occurs, our installation services will prove more cost-effective than incessant repairs.  

We’ll help you select and install the following:

  • Heat pumps
  • Heaters
  • Furnaces



As you build your new home, you need a heater that fits your home’s structural needs and square footage. Our team will assist you in choosing the perfect heating system to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.



Don’t let your kaput heating system cause you stress. You’ll enjoy friendly customer service, excellent replacement options, and informative technicians during our replacement services. Plus, your professionally installed heater will keep you comfortable for years.

Heater Repairs

When we repair your heater, furnace, or heat pump, we’ll find a solution that lasts. Each type of heating system has different components, so you need a team of technicians with varied experience to investigate, troubleshoot, and find the perfect fix. 

Putting off prompt repairs will allow the problem to get worse. Additionally, your air quality will decline while your energy bills increase. As soon as you notice something unusual, schedule our heating repair services. 

Heater Maintenance

Our heating services in Abilene, TX, include extensive maintenance services and tune-up plans. Your system works hard throughout the fall, winter, and early spring to keep you comfortable. We can even do small repairs that prevent larger ones down the road. 


Maintenance services, like duct cleaning or filter replacement, may seem simple enough. Unfortunately, many busy homeowners often forget to do them. Don't stress about your heater maintenance; leave the maintenance work to us!

We’ll keep up with your maintenance schedule so you can think about more important things.


Your heater needs at least one tune-up service per year. After purchasing an annual tune-up service from us, we’ll arrive in early fall each year to make sure your heating system meets your needs throughout the winter. Plus, you can avoid the hassle associated with most unexpected system failures with quick maintenance.

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